Become an expert within four weeks in the industry in which you create a product.

Some product ideas that you have might require you to be an expert in the industry, for example, if you would like to make a DVD of yoga lessons. And there is a difference between being perceived as an expert and being one.

You can easily start being perceived as a top expert in almost any industry within four weeks.


  1. Join two or three related organizations.
    You can do this online.

  2. Read the three top-selling books.
    Summarize each one on one page.

  3. Give one free, one- to three-hour seminar.
    Do this at the closest well-known university. Use posters to advertise. Then do the same for big companies.

  4. Offer to write one or two articles for a related magazine.
    Steps 1 through 3 will give you credibility.

  5. Join ProfNet (or a similar online service).
    It’s a service that journalists use to find experts in specific industries.


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