Become an amazing swimmer


  1. Start swimming effortlessly.
    To begin swimming with the least effort, turn your shoulders and maintain your torso horizontal, rather than dragging your arms and kicking.
  2. Keep a horizontal posture.
    Maintain a horizontal posture by keeping your head in line with your spine and looking straight down.
  3. Swim freestyle on both sides, not on your stomach.
  4. Lower the water pressure on your arms
    Enter the water with your fingers facing down and stretch your arm beneath your head. This lowering water pressure on your arms will lift your legs and decrease resistance. 
  5. Increase the length of the stroke rather than the speed.
    Reduce the number of strokes in each circle by sliding deeper with each downward swing.
  6. Focus on breathing
    To breathe, extend your underwater arm and turn your whole body. Feel a stretch in your lower back with each breath, reaching for something on a high shelf. This will put your head closer to the surface and make breathing easier.
  7. Practice changing hands like a drill.
    Keep your arm fully extended until the other arm approaches you, and water enters around the forearm of the outstretched arm.
  8. Change the technique when it’s needed. 
    If you feel tense, you are not using good technique. Stop immediately and consider changing the method.


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