Become a professional investor.

Investments have the potential to generate a lot more money than your day job ever will. Even if you want to keep your day job, spend some time investing, too, and you will become rich.


  1. Look for opportunities that others have missed.
    See with your mind what others miss with their eyes. For example, if you see an old, rundown house on the market, do a little investigating. It may come with four extra empty lots—you can then buy the house, tear it down, and sell the five lots to a builder for a lot more than you bought it for.

  2. Raise money if you need it.
    Never use “I don’t have the money to invest in/buy it” as an excuse. Learn how to raise money and/or capital, either by going to a bank or by any other (legal) method.

  3. Go to an intelligent person for advice.
    You may be extremely intelligent, but there is definitely someone more intelligent than you out there. If you want to get good advice that will help you become rich, go to someone who is more intelligent than you.


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