Become a devotee.

It’s impossible to understand everything. You simply cannot understand even one molecule of DNA, an elephant, or a leaf. All of this operates on a higher level of existential intelligence. And if you really see this, you become a devotee. You can be either an outsider of the life process or a devotee. Being a devotee puts your self-esteem in danger. However, both “self” and “esteem” are limited entities. They are fragile and both are problems. If you don’t have “esteem,” good. If you don’t have “self,” fabulous.


  1. At least once an hour while you are awake, put your hands together and bow to something.
    It can be a dog, a tree, or a stone. The object does not matter. Don’t choose. You can practice this as a physical act or an internal action.

  2. See if you can bow to something once a minute.
    This will not be done physically, just within yourself.


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