Beat interruptions and distractions with a Focus Defense Sheet


  1. Get a pen and two pieces of paper.

  2. Label the first paper as the “Focus Defense Sheet for Eliminating Interruptions.”
    Then, label the second paper as the “Focus Defense Sheet for Managing Distractions.”

  3. On the first paper, write down one activation trigger that you think could help you eliminate interruptions.
    This trigger is simply a prompt to help you take positive action. An example of this is hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on your door.

  4. On the second paper, list the obstacles you think could interrupt you while working.
    An example of this is receiving a phone call from someone while you’re in deep work.

  5. Write down what will be your planned response for each possible obstacle.
    Turning off your notifications is a good example to avoid being interrupted by messages, emails, or phone calls.

  6. Post the sheets somewhere visible in your workplace.
    This will serve as your actionable strategy when faced with interruptions and distractions.


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