Be your future self now


  1. Clarify your contextual purpose.
    Knowing the overarching purpose, or your ideal future self, identify what the three most important priorities are for you in the next twelve months. Rank them in order of importance. Each of these priorities can be chunked down in steps, and you can track and measure your progress.
  2. Eliminate lesser goals.
    Observe your behavior for the things that are consuming large portions of your time and distracting you from your overarching purpose. Make a plan for how to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the monopoly of these lesser goals over your time so you can dedicate the majority of your time, energy, and focus to the crucial steps on the way to your overarching purpose.
  3. Elevate from needing to wanting to knowing.
    Practice meditating on and visualizing your future self. See yourself in that state, and know that it is already yours. Practice gratitude through journaling or meditation, as this will help you embody the identity of your future self. Behavior follows identity, so this will be a crucial shift for you in achieving your desired future.
  4. Ask for exactly what you want.
    Identify what resources or guidance you will need in creating the ideal future you. Don’t limit yourself by believing no one will give you these things. Identify who you need to ask, be it God, a coworker, an expert, or a friend. Ask for exactly what you need, and watch doors open for you.
  5. Automate and systemize your future self.
    Identify what processes within the goals you are working on can be made automatic. Have them handled electronically, or through delegation to someone else. Do the work on the front end to have these processes handled automatically, and you will free up massive amounts of time and energy for more important work.
  6. Schedule your future self.
    Block out chunks of time within your weekly schedule that you can devote to your priorities.
  7. Aggressively complete imperfect work.
    What work are you seeking to consistently produce that will drive your success and the creation of your ideal future self? Begin releasing this work into the world, whether this is artwork, blog posts, books, or coaching. Get out there. Fail. Be imperfect. You will rapidly gain confidence and momentum.


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