Be rigorous in your self-analysis.

Although these two might sound similar—wishful thinking and really believing in your ideas—there is a huge difference regarding your actions. Are you doing everything possible to make your ideas a reality, or are you only wishing you had enough time, more money, etc., in order to achieve them?


A natural human tendency is wishful thinking. A challenge for entrepreneurs is to say, what’s the difference between really believing in your ideals and sticking to them versus pursuing some unrealistic dream that doesn’t actually have merit. That is a really difficult thing to tell. Can you tell the difference between those two things, you know? You need to be sort of very rigorous in your self-analysis.

  1. Learn to differentiate wishful thinking from believing in your ideals.
    If you are not willing to invest hard work and effort into believing your ideals, they’re probably just wishful thinking.


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