Constantly adapt and change based on the current situation.

Reactionary business is the type of business that is constantly adapting and changing. These changes might happen because of new trends or because of people talking about you on social media. It’s critical to react and avoid being passive in our always-changing world.


  1. Listen to your audience and adapt when necessary.
    Don’t rely solely on your initial plans. Things rarely work out exactly as planned.

  2. Be ready to react when bad publicity appears.
    People may try to destroy your good image or your brand. Be ready to fix your mistakes, apologize when necessary, and show your appreciation when someone says something good about you.

  3. Shape the story people tell about you and your brand.
    When people start to talk about you, shape the story to be what you want it to be.

  4. Observe the new trends and follow them.
    The world is constantly changing. Your role as an entrepreneur is to see what’s changing and to find new business-worthy trends.


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