Be laser-focused when working on your daily highlight


  1. Shut the door of the room you are performing your daily highlight in.
    This will signal to everyone else that you shouldn't be interrupted.

  2. Set a deadline for your overall project.
    This will help you focus on doing the things you should do to finish your project in time.

  3. Break your highlight into a list of small, easy-to-do tasks.
    For example, if your highlight is to plan a vacation, you can break it down into tasks such as discussing potential destinations with your family, checking your calendar for vacation dates and researching airfares online.

  4. Play music that helps you stay in work mode.
    Think of music you love to hear; that way, listening to it becomes both a cue and a reward.

  5. Set a visible timer for your highlight.
    This will help you focus on the task at hand so you can finish in time.

  6. Make a “random question list” while doing your highlight.
    Instead of reacting to the burning desire to go online and find answers to a sudden question that pops up in your mind, simply write the questions down on a piece of paper and stay focused. You can find the answers later.

  7. Take a day off if you have tried all these techniques but still can’t focus.
    Creative energy can sometimes fluctuate. You need time to replenish it.


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