Be impeccable with your word.

Being impeccable with your word will not only clean your mind of any emotional poison, but it will also protect your psyche from being attacked by the negativity of others.


  1. Use the power of words in the direction of truth and love for yourself.
    Don’t use negative words to describe yourself—like “stupid,” “lazy,” or “fat”—as not only will it become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it is also a form of self-abuse.
    However, remember that being impeccable with your word does not mean you absolve yourself of responsibility; you must still be responsible for your actions, but do not judge or blame yourself.

  2. Don’t use words with the intent of harming anyone.
    Any time you call someone stupid, or any other negative word, their negative emotions are directed toward you, which is not good for you.

  3. Do not express your negative opinions of others.
    It goes both ways—your negative comments could plant seeds of self-doubt and self-hatred in their minds.


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