Be humble and get out of your own head.

The canvas strategy is about helping others so you can help yourself. You won’t go far in life if you are unlikeable, that’s a simple fact. When you help others, they will have a good impression of you and are likely to help you in the future. Helping others is, in fact, an investment in your interpersonal and professional relationships. It is thereby also an investment in your development.


  1. Use the canvas strategy to nurture relationships, i.e. help those around you
    Look at the situation in a way that entirely benefits them and not you. Do what you can, however small, to help each person you meet. It could be something as small as introducing people you know to increase their professional networks, identifying inefficiencies within your organization and suggesting ideas to improve, or even coming up with creative ideas and giving them to your boss.

  2. Focus on what is real
    There are two voices in your head - one tells you how great you are while the other lists the things you don’t do well. Ignore both. Focus on the tasks in front of you and do the work you need to complete.


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