Be honest


  1. Be the source of ideas and share them with others
    If you have great ideas that can help people, share them freely. As long as you’re an idea generator, there’s no need to worry about others stealing your ideas. People will always come to you because you’re a fountain of ideas. Freely sharing ideas can help you develop an abundance mindset.

  2. Introduce two people who can help each other
    Every day, think of two people who would benefit from each other and connect them. For example, if you’re a busy writer and a client wants you to take on their project, you can recommend another writer who is just as or more qualified than you. Encouraging people in your circle to connect and help each other can grow your network exponentially.

  3. Take responsibility for your failures instead of hiding or making excuses
    When you make a mistake, step up and admit your failures. For example, if you’re managing other people’s investments and you lose their money, reach out to them and let them know what has happened. Return your client’s calls and reply to emails instead of hiding in shame or fear.

  4. Acknowledge even the small accomplishments of people around you
    When someone achieves something, let them know that you’ve noticed their effort, no matter how small the achievement is. The people around you will not forget how you make them feel and this will boost your reputation.


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