Be comfortable with the uncomfortable as a route to happiness.

By giving it this kind of attention, you don’t turn it into thinking and thus activate the story of the unhappy me. Unhappiness and problems cannot survive in the Now.


  1. The next time you have a feeling of heaviness, tightness, agitation, anger, or even nausea, know that this is simply an intense pressure or energy somewhere in the body, and just allow it to be—become curious about it.
    Stay totally with what is now.

  2. Know that all of those feelings are causing you suffering, and if you are in the habit of causing yourself suffering, then you are probably causing suffering for others too.

  3. Start letting go of your suffering by practicing “not naming” with small things.
    If you miss a plane, break a cup, or slip and fall, try not to name the situation as “bad.” Instead, just accept the moment and watch what happens.

  4. Ask yourself, whatever the situation is, “What if I completely accepted it as it is right now?”

  5. Have this dialogue daily for the next 20 days.
    “Accept what is.”
    “I truly cannot. I’m agitated and angry about this.”
    “Then accept what is.”
    “Accept that I’m agitated and angry? Accept that I cannot accept?”
    “Yes. Bring acceptance into your nonacceptance. Bring surrender into your non-surrender.”


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