Be boring.

If you are regular and orderly in your life, you can be violent and original in your work. The romanticized image of the creative genius doing drugs and running around sleeping with everyone is for the superhumans and the people who want to die young. Being boring is the best way to get work done—after all, it’s better to burn slowly and see your grandkids than burn out fast.


  1. Lead a predictable, healthy life.
    Eat breakfast, work a regular job, go for long walks, get sufficient sleep. It takes a lot of energy to be creative, so don’t waste it on other stuff.

  2. Stay out of debt.
    Remember, it’s not the money you make that matters, it’s the money you hold on to. Make a budget and stick to it. Say no to unnecessary spending, such as that expensive latte or a new computer when your old one works fine.

  3. Use a calendar to plan your work.
    Schedule deadlines for goals and mark them off as you complete them. Each day, once you’ve completed your work, make a big fat X on that box. Keep going until you’ve filled up all the boxes—you’ll have a nice, unbroken chain of X’s.

  4. Keep a logbook to track all the work you’ve done.
    You can also use it to track your daily events, such as going to a movie or a restaurant.


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