Be aware of your excuses.

Once you take responsibility for your actions and refuse to make excuses, you can go out and search for a solution.


  1. Look at the excuses below. Mark ones that are familiar to you.
    I don't have the money / I have kids / I don't have kids / I am married / I’m not married / I am overworked / I am underworked / too many people work here / we don't have enough people / my manager sucks/doesn't help me/won't leave me alone/is negative/is too jacked up / I don't have time to study / I don't have time for anything / our prices are too high / our prices are too low / the customer won't call me back / the customer canceled the appointment / people don't tell me the truth / they don't have the money / the economy is bad / the banks aren't lending / we don't have/can't find the right people / no one is motivated / people have bad attitudes / no one told me / it was someone else's fault / they keep changing their minds / I am tired / I need a vacation / the people I work with are losers / I'm depressed / I'm sick / my mom is sick / traffic is terrible / the competition is giving its product away / I have such bad luck

  2. Add any other excuses that you use.

  3. Ask yourself whether any of these excuses have improved your condition?
    Or were they only justification for your actions/lack of action.

  4. The next time you use one of these excuses, think about the real reason that something happened or did not happen.
    This is the only way to take responsibility for what happens in your life and avoid similar situations in the future.

  5. Commit yourself to never using excuses for anything!


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