Be a true leader by remaining unpreoccupied by getting credit.


  1. Remain uncompetitive and unworried.
    Do not try to compete with your employees. If you have done a good job as a leader, your employees will hardly even know you. In fact, they will believe that they got the task done all on their own. Think about it this way: the best singer in a choir will hardly be noticeable among the rest; however, without them, the music produced will not sound even half as sweet.

  2. Trust your employees.
    Instead of micromanaging your employees, take a step back and allow them to work at their jobs. Having your employees figure out things themselves will make them more independent in their fields, hence they become more productive—and that is something you can start by taking a step back.

  3. Teach your employees to do better.
    Impart your knowledge and skills onto your employees; teach and guide them to do the best they can.


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