Be a Level 5 Leader


  1. Exercise humility.
    Focus on what you can build, create and contribute to make the company great rather than what you will get in return.

  2. Be firm.
    A Level 5 leader has an unwavering resolve to produce results. Be firm in making decisions, especially in eliminating the factors that keep a company from being good to great. Examples of these factors include conflicts of interest such as family members working together, romantic relationships, close friendships, etc, or poor performance.

  3. Think about the long-term.
    Level 5 leaders aim to see the company even more successful in the next generation. Groom future leaders that can share the same vigor and mindset to make the company great. Don’t let the company rely heavily on you.

  4. Recognize that it’s not about you and appreciate your team for their contributions.
    The company’s achievements are not based on your sole efforts; it is a team effort.

  5. Be responsible.
    As a Level 5 leader, do not blame external circumstances or bad luck when things go bad. Uphold responsibility and lead your team back on track.


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