Take ownership of your responsibilities as a leader


  1. Understand the value of taking ownership as a leader.
    Taking ownership of your responsibilities will increase the trust and respect others have for you. It will also ensure that the problem gets resolved and that it will not happen again in the future.

  2. Accept full responsibility for projects under your jurisdiction.
    There may be cases when something in the project goes wrong. Even if it’s not directly your fault, it is still your responsibility as a leader to take charge and make everything right.

  3. Own the mistake and let your team know about it.
    Instead of letting someone else take the blame, let your team know that the mistake was your fault, as you are responsible for everything that happens concerning the project.

  4. Analyze what led up to the mistake and develop a plan of action.
    Think carefully about what caused the mistake to happen and what you could have done differently to prevent it. Use this as the basis to develop a new plan to achieve your targets.


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