Be a better parent by looking after yourself.


  1. Discover your passion and purpose, and chart your path accordingly.
    Remember, your kid is not your passion. Refrain from over-focusing on your child, as this will result in you under-focusing on your own passion.

  2. Learn to say no.
    If you want to look after yourself, you will have to say no to others. Aim to spend 95% of your time on the five things that matter most to you—identify these five things and follow suit.

  3. Prioritize your health and wellness.
    Reduce stress and increase self-awareness through meditation or yoga. Eat healthily and remove unhealthy addictions from your life.

  4. Make time for your most important relationship(s).
    Let the other person know how much they matter to you, and take time to talk and listen at the end of the day.

  5. Interrogate your relationship with money.
    Ask yourself if money is the most important thing to you. If it is, understand that is fine, but allow your child to have different values. Look at your finances and identify if you are overspending on unnecessary things. Make sure you’re living within your means!

  6. Practice kindness and gratitude.
    Do kind things for people you know, or even for strangers. Smile at everyone, and thank the person who holds the door for you.


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