Attract the allies to help you with your vision


  1. Create a manifesto that defines exactly what you’re offering to the world.
    If you’re running a business, create a heartfelt manifesto that reveals the core motivation for what you do. Ask yourself, “What makes us unique as a company?” or “What are the things we will not do?” If you don’t own a company, your manifesto should be about attracting the right friends, colleagues, etc. Ask yourself questions like: “What unique traits make me weird/edgy?” or “What do I believe about life and the world that others may consider unusual?”
  2. Visualize how you want your future to look like three years from now.
    Think about the business/career/project you want to initiate or have already started. Imagine what the world will look like in 3 years and how your business/career/project will have made a difference. You can ask yourself, “Where do I see my company/career/project in 3 years?” “What problems am I here to solve?” “Who are my partners?” “If I didn’t exist, what would be missing in the world?” Spend 30-60 minutes writing down your vision and keep it under four pages. Then share it via Google Docs, job websites, and even on career pages.


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