Attach a positive habit to things that irritate you


  1. Write down at least ten things that often happen to you that irritate you
    A long line, a noisy motorcycle, a barking dog, a slight from a manager or coworker, etc

  2. Circle the most frequent or annoying thing on your list

  3. Come up with five new, beneficial habits you could do after this thing occurs
    Instead of reacting by feeling irritated, frustrated, or insulting someone back; perhaps breathe deeply, listen to your favorite song, do a victory dance to feel fully alive, etc.

  4. Select your best option from step 3 and make it a habit
    Write down: “After I…, I will…”. For example: After I realize I must stand in line, I will practice standing on one foot, then the other.

  5. Start practicing your new habit!
    Begin to see these irritants as inadvertent gifts and notice what happens to your irritation level.


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