Assess your strengths to understand what you are good at and what you love to do.


  1. Identify your ‘superpower’ (what you are truly exceptional at)
    It may take concerted effort or perhaps trial and error with challenges, but it is well worth unwrapping your special gift.

  2. Assess your strengths
    Sit down with your spouse or friend to answer the following questions and have the other person document this:
     - What three or four things are you best at doing?
     - What three or four things do you like doing the most?
     - What have three or four activities or achievements brought you the most praise in your life?
     - What are your three or four most cherished goals?
     - What three or four things would you most like to get better at?
     - What do others praise you for but you take for granted?
     - What, if anything, is easy for you but hard for others?
     - What do you spend a lot of time doing that you are really bad at?
     - What could your teacher or supervisor do so that your time could be spent more productively?
     - If you weren’t afraid of getting in trouble, what would you tell your teacher or supervisor that they don’t understand about you?

  3. Share these strengths with your employer to create a better working environment
    Re-evaluate your current job or consider looking for a new job by creating a strengths assessment of three circles:
     - Circle 1 to represent what you like to do
     - Circle 2 to represent what you are really good at doing
     - Circle 3 to identify things that someone will pay you to do
    The intersection of these circles is where you should spend the majority of your working hours, where you will do your best and be happiest.


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