Use the magic question to get things done


  1. Focus your magic question on the area of your life that needs improvement.
    For example, it could focus on your health, work, kids, business, relationship, or just any area that you think could be improved upon.

  2. Ask questions whose answers can be helpful.
    For example, “what can I do to stop procrastinating my daily tasks?

  3. Get specific with your magic question.
    For example, you could ask, “what can I do to make life easier for myself after (or during) work?”.

  4. Tend to what is important before it becomes urgent.
    Try not to accummulate too much work.

  5. Use what works and ignore what doesn’t.
    Evaluate all the answers to your magic question and go for the process that works for you. For example, if you want to get healthier but your time is limited, you could cut out unhealthy snacks instead of going to the gym.


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