Ask the foundation question “what do you want?”


  1. Assure the people you are coaching that you are there for them.
    Tell them your goal is to transform them and to make them more productive. They will tell you what they really want once they trust you are there for them.

  2. Let them feel safe.
    Assure them that you won’t use their demands, suggestions, and requests against them, even if your answer is a no

  3. Let them know how important they are.
    Appreciate them and tell them how valuable they have been to your team. This will prompt them to open up about the challenges or problems plaguing your organization.

  4. Trade answers after asking the foundation question “what do you want?”
    For example, if someone responds with what she wants, you should in turn give them a yes or no answer instead of just moving to the next question. Alternatively, you can suggest different options.


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