Approach your target indirectly.

By approaching your target indirectly, you can avoid the risk of them becoming resistant towards your attempts of seduction.


  1. Make the target gradually become aware of you.
    Approach the target indirectly. Get to know them through a third party or seem to cultivate a neutral relationship with them by becoming their friend. It is only later that you will become a lover. Ensure they always feel secure around you.

  2. Arrange a few occasions where you encounter your target seemingly by chance.
    Make the target feel that you were meant to get to know each other. Try to create a sense of destiny—it feels very seductive.

  3. Make your target come to you.
    Get the target’s attention by greeting them and having small conversations with them—but do not approach them yet. Wait for them to approach you. Do not make the mistake of giving them too much attention. That will only make you seem insecure.


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