Apply the law of the vital few to your internet habits.

Spending excessive time on the internet not only affects our work but also our relationships. By cutting down your internet time, you will be more productive at work, and your relationships will deepen and become more meaningful.


  1. Understand the law of the vital few.
    This law simply states that 80% of your results are driven by 20% of your actions.

  2. To apply this law to internet use, first, analyze your personal goals.
    Write down the high-level goals in your personal and professional life—for example, getting a better job, making your family happy, etc. Then, list the two to three most important activities that help you achieve these goals.

  3. Calculate the impact of each network tool you use.
    Once you have listed those activities, compare your network tools or websites to see how well they help you achieve these goals. Network tools refer to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and other websites such as Business Insider. For each network tool, write down if it has a substantially positive, negative, or little impact.

  4. Use only the tools with a substantial positive impact.
    Your network tools, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, should have a substantially positive impact to warrant your attention.


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