Apply the five-level approach to build permission with consumers


  1. Enhance approaches to situation permission.
    Train frontline staff to maximize consumer permission by offering upgrades and add-on products and services.

  2. Build and nurture brand trust.
    Brand trust is easily lost, so it needs to be guarded, nurtured, and invested in.

  3. Continually build personal relationships with customers.
    Sell more to the people who have permitted you already to boost revenue growth and profitability.

  4. Develop a points program for your business.
    Build a steep reward curve to ensure loyalty and ensure the program is built with permission overtly included. Consumers must understand that you watch their actions and use their data to send focused personal and relevant messages.

  5. Focus on moving consumers to Intravenous Permission and Purchase on Approval levels.
    The Intravenous Permission level is where you (the marketer) make the buying decisions for the client. Purchase on Approval sits just under this level, where a second-level authorization is required from the client prior to billing.


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