Apply the five different forms of compassion to your life


  1. Show ordinary human compassion.
    Be empathetic to others and to yourself. Acknowledge others’ suffering and help them get through it.
  2. Show compassion of curiosity and understanding.
    Be understanding of people and the reason they ended up where they are. You can apply this to your life, too: consider your own traumas and recognize how they are causing you suffering in the present.
  3. Show compassion of recognition.
    Accept that we are all in the same boat and that everyone is troubled by difficulties in their own lives. This will help us connect and support each other instead of being judgmental of one another.
  4. Show compassion of truth.
    Learn to embrace and accept pain instead of shielding yourself and others from it.
  5. Show compassion of possibility.
    Be open to all the possibilities in your life: the possibility that what you want and need will materialize and that positive change can happen to you.


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