Apply the backwards law to your life.

Many of us give a f*ck about all the wrong things - the things that lead us to pain and heartache. By applying the Backwards Law to your life, you will soon learn how to not give a f*ck about meaningless, irrelevant things and generate more positivity.


  1. Practice acceptance of even the most negative experiences you have.
    The next time you experience something which causes you to feel a negative emotion such as guilt, fear or anxiety, tell yourself, “This experience makes me feel like shit, but who gives a f*ck?” When you acknowledge the negative experience, you can accept it as is, and can turn it into a positive one.

  2. Remember that not giving a f*ck works in reverse.
    Focusing on the desire to have a positive experience is itself a negative experience. The only way to have positive experiences is to go through the negative ones first. Examples: the failures in business will teach you what you need to know to be successful, the pain you experience at the gym will motivate you become more fit and healthy, etc. Stop giving a f*ck about feeling better; Focus on doing what you need to do. Once you understand and apply this concept, you will then begin achieving your goals.


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