Apply the 10X Rule to your life.

Only by being prepared for the additional effort and undertaking it, can you achieve your greatest ideas and extraordinary goals.


  1. When you think about the goal, think about something 10 times bigger, better, and greater.
    You will have 10 times higher motivation to complete your goals and 10 times more satisfaction when you achieve them.

  2. When you work to achieve your goals, take 10 times more action than you would normally take.
    This advice applies to any action in any sector. Spend 10 times more time on something, make 10 times more phone calls, meet with 10 times more potential clients, send 10 times more emails or sent offers, etc.

  3. Be prepared for your goal to require 10 times more time, effort, money, and energy than you expect.
    This is very important to keep in mind when you are estimating the resources that you need to start a project, business, or another goal.


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