Apply frame stacking to your pitch when the audience becomes analytical


  1. Create the intrigue frame.
    Share a story that introduces what they want and how you were able to get them by overcoming an obstacle. You may use this pattern as a guide: put a man in the jungle, and have beasts attack him, but he will still get to safety. The jungle is a metaphor for being in a difficult situation. The attacking beast is the conflict you faced. The story ends with what you did to solve the problem.
  2. Add the prizing frame.
    As you are wrapping up the pitch, reestablish yourself as someone in high demand. Say internally, “I am the prize. You are trying to impress me. You are trying to win my approval.” Then say phrases like, “It seems like I could work with you, but I need to know more,” Please start giving me materials yourself, “I still need to figure out if we would work well together and be good partners.” Deliver it with confidence and conviction.
  3. Add the timing frame.
    Say that the deal is bigger than you and that you will move ahead whether they are part of it or not. Present a time limit like it’s a train going to leave in a few hours and whoever is on board gets to move ahead with the opportunity.
  4. Add the moral authority frame.
    Show the world the benefits of your product or service and invite the audience to join you in creating the moral authority of why this must be in the marketplace.


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