Anchor your fingertips with positive states

In your hand, you can have quick, effective, and easy access to the most desirable states in any situation.


  1. Choose 3-5 states which you would like to anchor with your fingertips.
    It can be a state of decision-making, creativity, or relaxation.

  2. Think of a time you were fully decisive, creative, or relaxed.
    Picture this state in your mind, and at the peak of the experience, squeeze the knuckle of a particular finger. In your mind, say the word “Yes!”

  3. Think about another situation for that feeling and squeeze your knuckle in the same way with the same pressure and the same word in your mind.
    Repeat this 5-6 times.

  4. For each state, choose a different finger.
    Repeat the process of anchoring for each feeling.

  5. Next time you are in the situation that requires decision-making or creativity, squeeze that particular knuckle.
    If it doesn’t work, revise the process of anchoring and try once again.


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