Anchor powerful moments

Over time, the unique fist combined with the word “Yes!” will make you feel powerful and confident anytime you need it.


  1. Think of a situation when you were totally confident. Put yourself in the same physiology as when you were in that state.
    If you can’t remember such a situation, imagine how you might feel and what your physiology might be.

  2. At the peak of this feeling of control and confidence, make a fist and say, “Yes!”
    Say it with strength and certainty. Breathe in the same way as when you were totally confident, and once again make the same fist and say, “Yes!” in the same tonality.

  3. Speak with the tone of a person who is confident and in control.
    To make the experience stronger, again make a fist and say, “Yes!”

  4. Repeat this exercise 5-6 times.
    Do it several times during the next few days. If you don’t notice any change, you may not have put yourself into the powerful state or you didn’t say “Yes!” with the same unique tone of voice.

  5. When you are at the peak of a powerful and confident moment (for example, graduation or hang gliding), make a unique fist and if possible say “Yes!”
    Those powerful feelings will become more anchored to the unique fist.


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