Analyze employees’ abilities and adherence to core values


  1. Make a table.
    This table can be in an excel spreadsheet or a paper. Put the names of the people you will analyze in the left column. List your core values across the top; one column for each core value. 
  2. Rate each person with plus or minus according to each persons’ adherence to core values. 
    Give plus if the person exhibits core values most of the time, and give minus if the person doesn’t exhibit the core values most of the time. You can give both plus and minus if the person exhibits core values 50% of the time. 
  3. Determine the minimum standard for valuation. Ask yourself, ‘How many pluses should each person have?’
    For example, three pluses and one minus are still okay. Anything below this, you should talk with the person in question. 
  4. Discuss the issues and expectations with the person below your minimum standard.
  5. Give this person 30 days to correct the problem.
    For some higher positions, you might give more time for improvement. 
  6. Decide to let this person go if there is no improvement after a trial period. 
    Take a systematic approach to personnel changes. Sometimes a person needs more time to work on things or see that some other position is a better fit. 
  7. Add three more columns to your table with these statements: ‘gets it,’ ‘wants it,’ ‘can do it.’
    These statements will assure you if the person likes the job and understands the role, has the physical and emotional capacity to do the job. 
  8. Rate each person with yes and no for three new statements. 
    With this analysis, you will get an overview of the right fit for each position in your company. Depending on the size of your organization, reiterate seats and move people into the position that fits.


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