Create a separable, single-threaded team


  1. ** Untangle the monolithic software architecture and organizational structures.**
    Replace them with systems designed to support rapid innovation.
  2. ** Create a separable, single-threaded team.**
    Ideally, this should consist only of a maximum of eight members to ensure optimal function. They should have clear, unambiguous ownership of specific features or functionality and can drive innovations with a minimum of reliance or impact upon others.
  3. ** Appoint a single-threaded leader.**
    This leader should have the freedom and autonomy to assess the novel product problems that need to be solved, decide what and how many teams they need, how the responsibilities should be divided up among the teams, and how big each team should be.
  4. ** Reduce dependencies.**
    Identify and remove dependencies that are slowing down progress. As you incorporate this process of creating a single-threaded team, feel free to make the necessary adjustments that fit with your company's culture, purpose and values.


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