Develop proactivity through self-observation.

The purpose of doing this is to build your level of self-awareness and to help you see that as humans, we have the ability to be self-aware. It is this awareness that then allows us to make choices about how proactive we are with our lives. The fact that we can be self-aware and “see and hear” our own thought process means that we are greater than this process itself.

The “watcher” of the thoughts is the real you, and when you aren’t so tied up in your thoughts, you can stand back and observe whether those thoughts are the actual reality or a reaction from past conditioning and experiences. Seeing things as they actually are is the epitome of clarity and effectiveness and allows us to be proactive with the reality, rather than reactive to our perceptions.


  1. Take 15 to 20 minutes each day to observe your own thoughts.

  2. You may want to journal any repetitive thought patterns and any moods or emotions you are feeling.

  3. Practice this exercise daily for the next 20 days.


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