Always do your best.

If you truly commit yourself to always doing your best, you will find that there is absolutely no reason for you to judge yourself, and you will eliminate the feelings of guilt and blame from your life. Plus, you will be a lot more productive!


  1. Always do your best!
    No matter what circumstance you’re in, always do your best. It’s alright if your “best” changes from situation to situation—for example, your best will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick, or happy as opposed to angry. Regardless of the objective quality, keep doing your best.

  2. Do not expect a reward in return.
    If you are doing your best because you expect some sort of reward in return, you are no longer truly doing your best, and you will soon become frustrated and demotivated. Aim to do your best for the simple pleasure of doing your best!


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