Always carry a notebook with you.


  1. Get yourself a brand new notebook and gel pens.
    Go for notebooks made with quality materials that can last for years.

  2. Tape your business card to the inside front cover.
    This ensures that it gets back to you if you ever leave it behind in a conference room, airplane, or else.

  3. Write the current date on the inside cover of your notebook before starting to use it.
    This will help you quickly locate the notebook in the future if you are trying to find notes from a specific meeting or event.

  4. Jot down everything and anything you do not want to forget.
    Record random creative ideas you have, like a new book you want to write, a new company you want to start, or a product you want to invent.

  5. Write down any great advice or inspirational quote you encounter.
    These will encourage and inspire you to keep working hard.

  6. If you are meeting people for the first time, draw a little diagram of the conference table and write names and sitting positions.
    This will help you remember each person better.

  7. Write the end date on the inside after filling your entire notebook.
    Again, this will help you locate the right book in the future when you have a whole row of them on your bookshelf.

  8. Put the book on the shelf next to your previous notebooks.

  9. Make it a tradition to thumb through your old journals every New Year’s Day from the previous year.
    You will be amazed at how much you will re-learn from your notes, and it will remind you of all your progress.


I want to find a small one that can fit in my pocket because I have been taking notes on my phone, but I don't like it.

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