Alter your influences to meet your goals.

All your choices, behaviors, and habits are influenced by external forces, but most of us aren’t aware of this.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must understand and alter your influences so they will support your journey toward success.


  1. Influence #1: What you feed your mind.
    The information you read is to your mind what food is to your body. Just like how we watch what we eat to stay healthy, we should pay attention to what we read and learn. To do this, we can listen to inspirational CDs instead of negative radio stations, watch only the TV programs that are educational and life-affirming, and most importantly, stay away from tabloids.
  2. Influence #2: Whom you associate with.
    Those whom you spend a lot of time with are your “reference group” and can determine as much as 95% of your success or failure in life. So, if you want to develop certain traits, surround yourself with people who have those traits!
  3. Influence #3: The environment around you.
    Sometimes, you will need to change environments in order to access your full potential. You may have to move to a different location, switch jobs, etc., but it will be worth it.


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