Develop an empowering belief system.


  1. Brainstorm all your beliefs, both empowering and disempowering.
    Make sure you cover both global beliefs and if-then beliefs.
  2. Identify your three most empowering beliefs.
    Think about the positive effects they have on your life.
  3. Identify and question your two most disempowering beliefs.
    Think about how you’ve developed the beliefs and which references you’ve used to develop them. Question their validity by thinking of ways in which they’re inaccurate.
  4. Associate pain with disempowering beliefs.
    Think about all the negative consequences these beliefs have triggered in your life.
  5. Write down replacements for your disempowering beliefs.
    Choose beliefs that empower you and drive you forward.
  6. Develop the belief in constant, never-ending improvement.
    Remember that improvement leads to fulfillment and happiness.
  7. Take action!
    Act according to your new, empowering beliefs.


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