Align with the present moment through nonresistance.

Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe. You feel lighter and more present. The basis for your actions becomes inner alignment with the present moment, and your actions become considered and empowered by the intelligence of Life itself. There are quality and power in your decisions, and they will make no person or situation into an enemy.


  1. Notice if you are labeling the present moment good or bad.
    Set a reminder each day to notice what you are thinking and feeling. Become aware.

  2. Instead of labeling the present moment, let it be.
    Are your thoughts full of goods, bads, shoulds and shouldn’ts? Develop a relationship of nonresistance with what happens and cease viewing yourself as a victim.

  3. Accept the situation and become one with it. Your alertness will bring about a considered and effective response.

  4. Make that decision again and again until it becomes a natural way to live.


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