Aim for equality in your relationships.

Ignoring gender roles and contributing equally to the relationship fosters in each partner positive emotions and characteristics such as patience, empathy, adaptability, decision-making skills, and a sense of security. Plus, research indicates that equality between partners leads to happier relationships. For example, marital relationships in which the wife does all the housework and the husband rarely helps out have a higher chance of ending in divorce than marital relationships in which the husband and wife do roughly equal amounts of housework.


  1. Do equal amounts of housework.
    Both you and your spouse should split the housework evenly.

  2. Ignore gender roles and allow both partners to contribute to the family’s income!
    There’s nothing wrong with being the stay-at-home partner. However, do not restrict yourself due to gender roles. If you want to have a professional life and contribute to the family’s income, then do so!


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