After the 30-day digital declutter, screen the technology you use carefully.

Now you will be able to start your life from scratch. By using the screening process, only essential technologies that are beneficial to you will be allowed back into your life. This will enable you to be more productive and work at an optimal setting with minimal distractions.


  1. Use the minimalist screening process.
    The minimalist screening process is a 3-step screening process for apps and technologies. Only when your optional technology or apps meet these three requirements are you allowed to reintroduce them into your life.

    • It must serve something you deeply value and offer multiple benefits.
    • It is the best technology to serve its specific goal. (If it isn’t, do not use it!)
    • It must align with your operating procedure. It should also state when and how you use it.
  2. Slowly reintegrate technology back into your life.
    Do not rush the process. Screen every optional technology with the minimalist screening process. By allowing only crucial technology into your life, you will be able to maintain a digitally minimalist lifestyle.


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