Advice for common problems


  1. If you fail to hit a goal…
     - Create a similar but bigger and more exciting goal with a new, appropriate timeline.
    Don't reset the same goal. Don't back off to a less ambitious goal. Failure is part of success.

  2. If you procrastinate…
     - Keep controlling, setting and addressing your priorities.
    Be honest with yourself. 
     - Always do first what you want to do least.

  3. To sell to super-busy, time-efficient people…
     - Speak to their self-interest.

  4. If you are indecisive…
     - Make a decision, clearly enunciate it, and stand up for it.
    The more decisions you make and the faster you make them, the more productive you are.

  5. If you lose control of your time…
     - Organize your next day the evening before.
    The minute you get diverted to dealing with somebody else's priorities at expense of your own, you're done.


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