Adopt the Ogimi lifestyle principles


  1. Spend less time worrying.
    Invest your time in new activities, good hobbies, and people. Gardening, eating a meal together with their loved ones, and quality time in the community are part of the daily to-do list of centenarians. Thus, replace excessive worrying and anxiety with a new hobby!

  2. Cultivate good habits.
    Exercising, eating well, staying healthy, and spending time with people is the key to a long and happy life.

  3. Nurture your friendships every day.
    Spending quality time with your friends - eating, chatting, singing, traveling - is the best way to keep your relationship alive. Make sure you do it every day.

  4. Live an unhurried life.
    Slow down and relax. Take your time, live peacefully, and notice the little things in your life - these will make the difference.

  5. Be optimistic.
    Every day when you wake up, say to yourself: “Today will be full of health and energy. Live it to the fullest.”


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