Adopt good habits and discard bad habits.

Bad habits are responsible for the pain we endure and the failures we experience. Precisely locating them will help you eliminate them. Finding and adopting good habits will change your entire mindset, and it will prepare you for your upcoming success. The constant application of good habits will make them an essential part of your personality and your winning mindset. By following principles rooted in the creation of good habits, you will lose the burden of dry and useless knowledge and meritless experiences.


  1. Recognize the bad habits you have and find an opposing good habit.
    Understanding our faults and bad habits is crucial if we genuinely want to change them. For every bad habit, try to find a good one that will negate it. Good habits will serve as a counterpart to the bad habits. Make sure to practice the good habit on a daily basis until it becomes an integral part of your personality.

  2. Become a slave to your good habits.
    Man is a creature of habit. However, he is also a sentient creature, so he can consciously choose to practice good habits on a daily basis.

  3. Make a list of principles to follow every day.
    Useless knowledge and meaningless experiences should be substituted for principles that will guide you.


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