Adopt a time-restricted eating (TRE) schedule


  1. Decide on a 12-hour eating window (i.e., 12 hours between first and last bite) that would best suit you and your life.
    For example, 8 AM-8 PM, or 10 AM-10 PM. Nothing but water (and medications, if you’re on them) goes in your mouth outside the window—no snacks, alcohol, energy bars, or drinks.
  2. Plan your meals for the next week to fit inside this window. 
    Keep your energy levels stable, so you don’t end up feeling too hungry outside the eating window. If you are already on a diet that works for you (e.g., ketogenic, vegan, carnivorous), you can still implement TRE, which will likely enhance the benefits of your existing diet.
  3. Observe and record changes for a week.
    Include changes in weight, sleep quality, energy level, mood, and overall physical well-being. If you experience positive changes, share with friends and family to help keep you on track. It will benefit them too. 
  4. If you experience cravings: drink more water, increase sleep and increase physical activity to reduce your appetite.


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