Adopt a fixed volume approach to productivity


  1. Use two to-do lists to organize your tasks.
    Keep an “open” list where all your tasks go, and transfer the most important ones (max 10) to your “closed” lists. Work only on your “closed” list. Once you have completed a task, you can add another one from your “open” list.

  2. Say “no” to middling priorities.
    List down the 25 things you want out of life. Arrange them in order of importance and pick the top five. Organize your time according to these five and say “no’ to the remaining twenty.

  3. Establish pre-determined daily work boundaries.
    Choose the most important tasks you’ll work on today and decide how much time you’ll dedicate to each work. Do whatever it takes to finish by that time as a way to acknowledge your time constraints.

  4. Embrace boring technology.
    Remove social media and other fun-to-use apps as they just distract you from doing the work that truly matters to you. Then, switch your screen from color to grayscale. This will make your device look more like a tool than a toy, making you feel more in control of it.

  5. Keep a “done” list.
    Put all the tasks you accomplished at every end of the day and celebrate your “small wins.” Each day, you always have a choice just to sit back and do nothing – but you did otherwise! Celebrating your small wins motivates you to achieve more.


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