Add apps to remove distractions


  1. Use the Brave browser for better data protection
    This browser blocks online surveillance, meaning that ads will not target you as much and will be blocked more often. Plus, it loads content faster than other browsers, uses less battery, and maintains support for Chrome extensions.

  2. Use the Forest App to stay away from your phone while helping the environment
    As long as you do not touch your phone, a tree will grow on your screen - and a tree will be planted in the real world. However, if you leave the app in the middle of a work session, your tree will die.

  3. Use the Freedom App to block distracting apps and websites while you work
    This app can sync across all your devices, enabling you to be distraction-free for as long as you want.

  4. Try out these other apps depending on what you need:

    • Flipd: Hides social media and gaming apps from you
    • OFFTIME: Allows you to monitor your smartphone usage in real time
    • Channel: Enables you to turn off distracting settings and features for the apps you use
  5. Try out these browser extensions (Chrome/Firefox) and see what works best for you:

    • Intention: Enables you to set time limits on distracting sites so you don’t waste hours on mindless browsing
    • Hide Feed: Replaces feeds with minimalistic layouts so you can do what you need to do without getting distracted
    • Hide Likes: Hides vanity metrics such as likes from social media to give you a more authentic online experience


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