Add a simple yoga exercise to your routine


  1. Choose your yoga style.
    Although similar in goals, the different types of yoga vary through tradition and text. Choosing the right yoga style for you is like choosing a path towards your best self. The yoga styles are:
     - Jnana yoga - for discipline and mental growth;
     - Karma yoga - actions that benefit oneself and others;
     - Bhakti yoga - devotion and surrender to the divine;
     - Mantra yoga - mantras to help one relax;
     - Kundalini yoga - guidance to reach a certain mental state;
     - Raja yoga - guidance to achieve communion with oneself and others;
     - Hatha yoga - Asanas meant to bring you balance.

  2. Practice yoga daily.
    One simple way to practice yoga daily is by doing a Sun Salutation every morning. The Sun Salutation exercise consists of 12 yoga postures that make up a perfect formula to awaken the body and fill it with vitality.


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